Continental meats from Spain, France and Italy; olives from Andalucía, Cordoba and Kalamata; cheeses, olive oils, balsamic vinegars and cooking wines all feature in our ever growing range of Delicatessen and Speciality Foods.

Italian Meats

  • Mixed antipasto meats including salami, coppa and ham, 120 gm
  • Bresaola thinly sliced, traditionally cured beef, 80 gm
  • Sliced Parma ham, Prosciutto Crudo, most popular air dried ham in italy, 250 gm
  • Prosciutto Crudo, whole boneless leg weighing approximately 5-6 kg
  • Hot smoked Pancetta produced in Parma, approximately 1.2-1.5 kg flat blocks
  • Salami Milano, thinly sliced Italian classic, 80 gm
  • Whole Salami Milano stick, classic Italian sausage weighing about 1.8kg
  • Sliced Mortadella Giganti, 22 cm in diameter, genuine Mortadella of Bologna
  • Speck, dry cured in the Italian Alps, then slowly smoked and sliced, 80 gm
  • Salsiccia al Finocchio, traditional fennel sausage from Northern Italy, 300 gm

Spanish Meats

  • Mixed tapas meats, sliced serrano, chorizo and salami, 150 gm
  • Chorizo ring which can be sliced or diced for tapas or paellas, 250 gm
  • Frying chorizo, 24 raw sausages in a 2 kg pack
  • Whole chorizo stick of hot, spicy sausage ready for slicing, 1.5kg
  • Sliced chorizo for use in all Spanish & Mexican dishes, 500gm pack
  • Serrano ham, dry cured ham sliced and packed interleaved in a 500 gm pack

French Meats

  • Sliced Bayonne ham, air dried & salted in South West France, arge 1kg pack
  • Traditional blood sausage Boudin Noir – packed 10 x 130 gm
  • Boudin Brasse, wheel of black pudding incorporating lots of fresh onions, 1.5 kg
  • Spicy Merguez sausage, originally from the French colonies in North Africa, 1 kg
  • 4 Morteau sausage, cold smoked for at least 48 hours over conifer & juniper, 1 kg
  • Toulouse sausage, made from pork, red wine & garlic, 10 x 130 gm sausages
  • Thinly cut pieces of French smoked pork, 1 kg pack of bacon lardons


  • From Georges Thiol our Forest Terrine is a smooth blend of chicken & mushroom, 1.3kg
  • A course Venison Terrine enhanced with pork and Madeira wine, 1.3 kg
  • Wild Boar Terrine with added pork, wine & Armagnac, deliciously rich, 1.3kg
  • Smooth Duck & Port Mousse made with a blend of duck, duck livers and port, 1.3 kg

Oils & Vinegar

  • Extra virgin olive oil from Spain made from Picual & Hojiblanca olives, 5ltr
  • Refined Spanish Pomace olive oil traditionally used for roasting or frying, 5ltr
  • Yorkshire cold pressed rapeseed oil, low in fat high in ¬†Omega3 with a nutty flavour, 5ltr
  • Yorkshire rapeseed oil infused with Sicilian lemons, 500ml
  • Yorkshire rapeseed oil flavoured with garlic & rosemary, 500ml
  • Yorkshire rapeseed oil with the added kick of chilli, 500ml
  • White truffle oil, extra virgin olive oil infused with white truffles, 500ml
  • Balsamic vinegar from modena great for salad dressing, dips and marinades, 5ltr
  • Balsamic cream, use for marinating, flavouring dishes or dressing plates, 500ml
  • Delicias. white wine vinegar – for creating dressings and vinaigrettes, 5ltr
  • Delicias. red wine vinegar – great for glazes, salad dressings or marinades, 5ltr


  • Let’s Cook brand white cooking wine, seasoned with salt and pepper, 3ltr
  • Let’s Cook brand red cooking wine, great for stocks and sauces, 3ltr


  • Spanish pitted black olives, use for snacks or as a base for tapenade, 1.45 kg tin
  • Spanish pitted green olives in brine, great for bar snacks, salads or nibbles, 2 kg tin
  • Pitted olive melange, a mix of black, green and pink olives in fantastic marinade, 2 kg
  • Pitted Kalamata olives, purple oval shaped olives from Greece, 2 kg
  • Large, green pitted atlas olives from Greece, 1.8 kg tub


  • Italian sun-dried tomatoes in oil flavoured with chilli, garlic, oregano, parsley & basil, 1 kg
  • Semi-dried tomatoes from Italy marinated in a flavoured piquant oil, 1 kg

Dry Goods

  • Roasted Piquillo peppers grown and roasted in Northern Spain, 12 X 390 gm tins
  • 2.5kg Bowes Hill sweet roasted whole Spanish peppers, 1.6 kg when drained
  • Spanish small green peppercorns, great for sauces, in a 1.65 kg tub
  • Small Spanish pink peppercorns in brine, sweet peppery flavour, 1.65 kg
  • Surfine capers – ideal in tartare sauce, pasta sauce or salads – 1.65 kg tub
  • The smallest of capers our piquant mini capers come in a 400gm kilner jar
  • Smoked paprika is the ideal ingredient, used extensively in Spanish cooking, 75 gm
  • Vanilla pods from Papua New Guinea, approximately 10 pods in a 100gm tin
  • 4gm of pure, select Spanish saffron strands for us in paellas and risottos
  • 1ltr of versatile, Spanish lemon juice
  • From the leading Spanish producer, our superb wildflower honey is packed in 1kg tubs
  • 1kg of Japanese style Panko breadcrumbs for crispy, crunchy coating to all fried foods
  • 1 teaspoon of our garlic puree is equal to 2-3 garlic cloves, 1kg tub
  • A favourite for marinating or serving as a dip 690 ml of quality sweet chilli sauce
  • Maldon sea salt in a 1.5 kg resealable tub, naturally produced in Maldon for over 130 years