Fish and Seafood

Fresh Fish and Seafood

We pride ourselves on the quality of our Fresh Fish, sourced from the major fishing ports around the United Kingdom but also from places like Sri Lanka, Turkey, Greece, Spain and Canada.

There’s such diverse world of Fresh Fish out there it’s almost impossible to tell you what we’ll have in stock from day to day. If you’d like to know our “Catch of the day” please give us a call.

Fresh British Fish

  • Scottish Cod fillet, white, meaty fish with a mild flavour
  • Grimsby Haddock fillets, as popular as ever, arguably more flavour than cod
  • North East Atlantic Coley fillets, great alternative to cod
  • East Coast Whiting, smaller member of the cod family with great flavour
  • Whole Salmon, sustainably farmed in the north east Atlantic
  • Salmon fillets, available all year round from Scotland or Norway
  • Trout, freshwater farmed in England, sustainable and available
  • Hake, mild flavoured fish with a white, flaky texture
  • Mackerel, rich flavoured oily fish high in Omega3
  • Herrings, popular all over Europe, often salted, pickled or smoked
  • Red Mullet, the best are fished off the south coast and landed in Cornwall

Prime Fish

  • Monkfish, fine, firm texture with a sweet, light flavour
  • Lemon Sole, light fresh flavour
  • Dover Sole, best cooked on the bone, quick and simple
  • Turbot, retains it’s bright white flesh when cooked
  • Halibut, the largest flatfish in the ocean

Imported Fresh Fish

  • Farmed Sea Bass from the warm waters of the Aegean Sea
  • Turkish Sea Bream available all year round due to sustainable farming
  • Stone Bass also known as meagre, growing in popularity all the time
  • Tuna fish from the Indian Ocean, meaty firm and perfect for grilling
  • Swordfish loin chargrilled, pan-fried or barbecued very versatile
  • Farmed Turbot, unlike wild these are available year round from a sustainable source
  • Red Snapper, sourced from Sri Lanka when available, big meaty bright red fish


  • Lobster, native during the summer and imported from Canada year round
  • Whitby Crab, when available usually stocked as simply boiled or fully dressed
  • Blue Swimmer Crab Meat Imported from the Far East, our best selling crabmeat,  454 gm
  • Scottish Langoustine, also known as Scampi or Dublin Bay Prawns
  • Mussels, rope grown in Swansea Harbour, clean shells with plenty of meat
  • Palourde Clams, landed in South East England perfect for pasta dishes
  • King Scallop meat, abundant around Scotland – sweet taste with a tender texture
  • Queen Scallop meat harvested off the coast of the Isle of Man

Marinated Fish

  • Crayfish tails in brine, 1.5kg tub, drained 900gm net
  • Prawns in brine, juicy cold water prawns in a sweet brine, 1.5kg tub, drained 900gm net
  • Tiger Prawns in brine, big south East Asian prawns, great for a luxury prawn cocktail
  • Rollmop Herrings from Scotland, Herring fillets & onions pickled in vinegar & sugar
  • Anchovy fillets, marinated in oil & vinegar, produced in Turkey, packed in a 1kg tub

Smoked Fish

Our smoked fish range is produced for us by one of three of the leading artisan smokers in the United Kingdom. We use the Port of Lancaster Smokehouse in Glasson Dock, Lancashire (Polsco), Borthwen Smokehouse, Fleetwood and Severn and Wye Smokehouse in Gloucestershire. Each of our products has been carefully sourced and selected for quality and flavour.

  • Natural Smoked Haddock from Borthwen, Fleetwood – no colouring
  • Smoked Mackerel superbly produced for us by Polsco
  • Peppered Smoked Mackerel topped with spicy peppers, also from Polsco
  • Whole kippers produced the traditional way in Lancaster, similar to a Scottish kipper
  • Kipper fillets, filleted before smoking, perfect for an easy breakfast
  • Manx kippers, traditional Isle of Man product, smoked, frozen and shipped to us
  • D-cut smoked Salmon from Severn & Wye, 1kg sides
  • Long sliced smoked Salmon from Severn & Wye, 1kg sides
  • Sliced smoked Salmon from Severn & Wye, 200gm
  • Unsliced sides of Polsco smoked Salmon
  • Oak Roasted Salmon sides from Polsco
  • Sides of Gravadlax from Severn & Wye
  • Smoked Salmon offcuts, 500gm pack
  • Smoked Trout fillets, hot smoked, fully cooked, individually packed 10 x 125gm per case
  • Royal Greenland brand thinly sliced smoked Halibut, 200gm pack

Sealed Pack

Developed by Sailbrand over the last 10 years, Sealed Pack is a range of fully prepared, portion controlled fresh fish. The cuts of fish are hand finished by our team of highly skilled fishmongers. Working to tight specifications and packed in a protective modified atmosphere tray meaning you get the freshest fish available ready for the pan, with no mess, no fuss and reduced risk of cross-contamination.

  • Medium Turkish Sea Bass fillets, 100-140gm tray of 10
  • Large Turkish Sea Bass fillets, 140-180gm tray of 8
  • Medium Mediterranean Dorade (Sea Bream) fillets, 100-140gm tray of 10
  • Skinless Atlantic Salmon supremes, 170-200 gm tray of 8
  • Skin on Atlantic Salmon supremes, 170-200 gm tray of 8
  • Skinless Salmon supremes in a sweet chilli dressing, 150-180gm tray of 10
  • Yellowfin Tuna steaks from the Indian Ocean, 170-200 gm tray of 6
  • Swordfish steaks from the Indian Ocean, 170-200 gm tray of 6
  • Baby Halibut supremes from prime Norwegian farmed fish, 170-200 gm tray of 6
  • North East Atlantic Silver Hake loin cuts, 170-200 gm tray of 8
  • Rainbow Trout fillets sourced from an English trout farm, 90-110gm tray of 12
  • Cod loins produced for us in Grimsby, skin on, 170-200 gm tray of 8
  • Fleetwood Haddock fillets, skinless & boneless, 170-225gm tray of 10
  • Mackerel fillets sourced from UK fish markets tray of 10
  • Mixed white fish, a mixture of offcuts from Cod, Haddock, Coley or Whiting 2kg tray
  • Everyday fish pie mix containing Salmon, smoked Haddock & white fish offcuts 2kg tray