Fresh Poultry

Fresh Poultry

Working with some of the most distinguished poultry producers in the United Kingdom and mainland Europe, Sailbrand has developed a range of poultry to fulfil the needs of all its customers. Sailbrand has nurtured relationships with suppliers like Gressingham whose ducks, turkeys and geese are all reared on red tractor assured farms in East Anglia

Fresh Chicken

  • Whole oven-ready chicken, untrussed without giblets individually wrapped
  • Tray of 10 chicken breast fillets, skinned, trimmed and pan ready, 190-210gm
  • Chicken breast fillets with skin on, each fillet weighs 190-210gm, tray of 10
  • Bulk packed chicken breast fillets 190-210 gm, 2 x 5kg map trays
  • Pack of 5 skin on, wing bone in chicken supremes, 200-220gm
  • Bag of mini chicken breast fillets containing approx 60 inner fillets, 2.5kg
  • 20 oyster-cut chicken legs fully trimmed above the hip joint, ¬†each 200gm
  • Bag of approximately 23 meaty, boneless chicken thighs, 2.5kg
  • Three-joint chicken wings, great for starters or sharing platters, big 2.5kg bag
  • Pack of 5 corn fed chicken supremes from gressingham, wing bone in 200-230gm

Fresh Duck

  • Oven ready duck from Gressingham, each bird weighs 1.6-1.8kg
  • Pack of 2, 225-235gm Gressingham duck breast farmed in East Anglia
  • Barbary duck breast from our French poultry producer, pack of 2, 250-280gm
  • French Barbary duck legs, pack of 2 large meaty legs each weighing 250-280 gm
  • Lobe of French Duck Foie Gras weighing approximately 400gm

Smoked Poultry

  • Smoked chicken breast from the Port of Lancaster Smokehouse, pack of 5
  • Pack of 2 succulent, moist port of Lancaster Smokehouse smoked duck breast