Frozen Specials

We have an excellent selection of frozen products on special

Frozen Specials

Frozen Poultry Specials

Chicken Breast Skinless x 10 fillets 190/210g    £8.75   ALL SOLD – PRE ORDERS BEING TAKEN 

Chicken Breast Skin On x 10 fillets 190/210g      £8.75 

Chicken Breast 5kg  200/230g        £22.50  ( 10 x 5kg tray Special for £200)

********Corn Fed Chicken Breast  190g  x 5 Supreme’s       £5.50 per packet ******** ALL SOLD PRE ORDERS BEING TAKEN 

Whole Poussin £2.50 per 400g Bird  –        £25 for a tray of 10 birds

Chicken ‘Mini’ Inner Fillets  1kg trays £4.75kg

Frozen Smoked Bacon 2.27kg £6.80 pkt

Our Own Frozen Fish ( Bought to Freeze at a very competitive price)

Vac packed – Sea Bass Fillets £12 for 10 fillets 110/140g ALL SOLD

Vac packed -Sea Bream £11 for 10 fillets 110/140g  ALL SOLD

Frozen Vac Packed White Trim Pix Mix £5kg

Vac packed Frozen Coley Fillet £25 for 5kg

Vac packed Frozen XL  Halibut Loin £19.50kg ALL SOLD

Vac Packed Frozen Halibut Portions from XL Loin – 10 x 190g Supreme’s      £30 per packet  ALL SOLD 

Vac Packed Dover Sole £16kg

Vac Packed Hake Fillet £12kg (Boneless)

Vac Packed Coley Portions £10 – 10 x 190g Supreme’s      £15 per packet

Vac Packed Lemon Sole Fillet (from 600g fish) £8.50kg

Vac Packed Wild Sea Bass 1kg/2kg Fish £12kg  ALL SOLD


Bargain Clearance Lines from Freezer

Whole Duck 1.6kg-1.8kg       £8.75 each

Smoked Duck Breast      £5.50 -400g Pack

Venison Terrine      £12 for 840g

Duck Pate       £11.50 for 1.25kg

Crab Pate      £6 for 400g


Frozen Fish & Seafood Specials

BARGAIN ******IQF Smithfield  King Scallops 1kg      £12.50KG ****BARGAIN

Frozen Hand Picked White Devon Crab 454g  –  £18.50

Frozen Brown Crab £5 – 454g

Frozen Severn & Wye Gravadlax £15kg

Frozen Severn & Wye Long Cut Smoked Salmon £15kg

Frozen White Fish Pie Mix £5kg