Fresh Specials

We have an excellent selection of daily changing fresh seafood on special

Fresh Specials

Specials :

Scottish Salmon Fillet –  SPECIAL DEAL   – 5kg for £60

Whole 600-800g Sea Bream £3.60 Each   or   140-180g Sea Bream Fillets £19.50 for 10 Fillets 

Whole 600-800g Sea Bass £3.75 Each   or   140-180g Sea Bass Fillets £21.00 for 10 Fillets 

Scottish Skate Portions 200g cut from XL Wings  £2.50 each   

Dover Sole 400-600g  £20.00kg                         Dover Sole 600-800g £17.50kg

Shining Striped Bass £10kg            LIMITED SUPPLY 

Wild 1-1.5kg Halibut £9kg   Wild 3-4kg Halibut £14.00kg 

Whole 5-7kg Halibut £13.75kg   Whole 7-9kg Halibut £15.75kg

Wild 2-3kg Sea Bass £16.50kg 

Whole 1-2kg John Dory £14kg 

Turbot Portions 170gram £5.75 Each

‘King of the Sea’ Whole  Turbot  700-1 kg  £12kg   ,  1-2kg fish   £13kg         ,   Wild 2-3kg  fish    £13.95kg

Whole Lemons 500g fish   £5.75 each

Fraserburgh ‘Landed’ Pollock Fillet £11.50kg

Stone Bass £10kg

Fresh South Coast Mackerel £6.75kg

Chalk Stream Trout £8.50kg

Cuttlefish £10.50kg 

Palourde Clams £12kg

Shetland Razor Clams £12kg

 King Scallop Meat £50 for 2kg 

XL Smoked Cod Loin 170g £2.50 per portion

Traditionally Smoked ‘Natural’ Smoked Haddock £11kg 

For your Specials Menus….

Always Lots of Live Lobsters 500g -850g ,

Luxury Devon Hand Picked Crab, White and Brown 454g pots, Live Cockles, Hand Dived Scallops,

Palourde Clams, Razor Clams, Shetland King Scallops, Wild and Roeless American , Crevettes, South American Prawns,

Fresh Brown Shrimp,  Severn & Wye Cold and Hot Smoked Salmon, Unsliced, Long Cut and D-Cut

Caviar – All grades

Fillets & Loins

Fresh Scottish Skate Portions ( cut from 3kg wings ) 180g  £2.95 each 

Monk Cheeks £13kg          OR         Cod Cheeks     £10kg   OR  Cod Tongues   £7kg

Scottish Plaice Fillet  £11kg

Hand Cut Turbot Portions 180g    £6.75 each       

Hake Fillet £12.50kg 

Scottish Large Cod Fillet £12.50kg

Scottish Medium Cod Fillet £11kg

Scottish Large Haddock Fillet £50 for 5kg

Shetland Medium Haddock Fillet £45 for 5kg

Coley Fillet £6.95kg

Fresh Scottish Squid £11.75kg

Fresh Swordfish ( Air Freight) £15kg

Fresh Sashimi Grade Tuna (Air  Freight) £19kg

Haddock, Hake, Salmon, Pollock, Cod, Halibut – All available as Loins 140-200g – Please ask

Natural Smoked Haddock  £11kg & Smoked Cod Fillet £12.50kg