Happy New Year 2020

Happy New Year 2020
7th January 2020 Sailbrand

Happy New Year

With the ever-changing fish seasons, we have to make sure we are getting the best products. For the start of 2020 Seabass, Salmon, kingQueen Scallops, Mussels & Clams are all fantastic at the moment. 

At Sailbrand we also a large range of products form Shellfish, Wild & Farmed Fish to Poultry and Deli items. To find out more either pop into our shop, open Mon-Fri from 5:30am – 12:30pm or call our sales team.

We have some great Specials available this week including;

  • Smoked Salmon 2 sides for £30
  • Crayfish tubs (1.5kg gross) 2 for £30 
  • Roeless Scallops 2kg for £40 
  • Wild bass 1-2 kg fish £11.99 per kg
  • Stone bass £8.99 per kg 

Fish of the Week: Coley

Coley otherwise known as Saithe is a good alternative to Cod or Haddock. It has slightly off white flesh when cooked and can range in size from 0.5kg up to 6kg 

Coley is a very healthy option if you are watching the calories. A 120g portion contains 22g of protein, 1g of carbohydrates and only 98 calories. Its also packed full of vitamins, minerals and omega 3. This is great fish to help kick start your healthy eating in January. 

Pan-roasted Coley fillet with brown shrimp & garden pea risotto


  • Coley 120-200g portion
  • Risotto 200g
  • Brown shrimp 30g
  • Garden peas 20g
  • Butter 100g
  • Parmesan 50g
  • Banana shallots 1
  • Garlic 2 cloves
  • White wine 150ml 
  • Fish or vegetable stock 400ml


First of all start with your risotto, peel and dice your shallots and gently fry off in a small amount of oil until soft. Add your risotto rice and toast slightly, add the white wine and gradually add the stock stirring constantly. This will help the risotto to cook and not stick to the bottom of the pan. Continue adding the stock and allow to simmer until the rice is soft with a slight bite to it still. 

While the risotto is cooking, season and pan fry the Coley skin side down until the skin is crisp. Turn over add a knob of butter.  and finish the fish in a preheated oven for approx 5 min. 

To finish the risotto, add brown shrimps and peas, simmer for 2-4 minutes, finish with a knob of butter and grated parmesan to enrichen the risotto, season to taste.

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