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A weekly roundup of industry news, fish and seafood information

  • A dedication to Chalk Stream Trout

    This week, we have decided to dedicate the whole blog to one of the most amazing, rich, tasty products on the market right now-the unbelievable Chalk Stream Trout.

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  • Get Your Skates On

    This week we’ve got some fabulous news to share with you all, as well as a great recipe for Skate Wing to get your specials board’s taste buds tingling.

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  • Heck of a Halibut

    Welcome to this weeks Sailbrand blog, a 10-minute rest bite, refuel and refresh! This week, on top of an amazing halibut recipe that’s sure to impress, we also have a look at some of this week’s industry news.

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  • Best Bass

    This week, we’re turning the spotlight on to something special; some quite frankly ridiculously good wild sea bass. Feel free to drop buy the shop if you’re in the neighbourhood, we’d be happy to give you a peek.

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  • C’mon over to our Plaice….

    Test the quality of our Plaice (or any of our other products) against your current supplier and see how they stack up. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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