Get Your Skates On

Get Your Skates On
6th September 2018 Sailbrand

Get Your Skates On

This week we’ve got some fabulous news to share with you all, as well as a great recipe for Skate Wing to get your specials board’s taste buds tingling! But first, we think it’s only right that we start with a massive….. THANK YOU!!!!

Thanks to your continued support and votes, we are delighted to announce that Sailbrand have been announced as a finalist in this year’s The Food Awards England, in the ‘Exceptional Restaurant Supplier of The Year’.

It means the world to us to be recognised this way, especially since the awards are based on public vote, so thank you so much! We’ll let you know how we get on in October.

Also, while we’re on the subject of Seafood Awards, The Caterer and have released their shortlist for Seafood restaurant of the Year 2018, check the website our or for the full list, good luck to all the finalists from Sailbrand!

Fish of the Week: Skate

Skate wing is plentiful, delicious and cheap, so why aren’t we eating more of it? Good question!

Much like Sharks, Skate have no bones, but a skeleton of cartilage that makes an excellent stock when the flesh is removed.

People think that it’s difficult to eat but it’s really not, the flesh falls right off the ‘bones’ with the merest flick of a fork. It’s wonderful grilled, roasted or deep fried, see below for a great recipe that’s simple to do and full of colour. Give the team at the office a call today to discuss prices, and we’ll send you the best quality Skate you’ve seen.

Skate Wing with Brown Shrimp, Heritage Carrots and Kale


  • 4 portions Skate Wing
  • 200g Brown Shrimp
  • 250g salted butter
  • 500g Curly or Black Kale
  • 100g Heritage Carrots-a mixture of colours is best
  • Salt and pepper
  • Olive oil
  • Red Veined Sorrel
  • Lemon


Boil the carrots and cut, keeping one back. Shave ribbons with the last carrot using a veg peeler, and curl around your finger to make rings-reserve them for plating up.

Prepare and blanch the Kale and reserve to one side until almost ready to serve. Season the Skate Wing with the olive oil, salt and pepper and place under a hot grill, cooking both sides evenly.

Make the sauce by cooking down the butter to a nut-brown colour, then remove from the heat and add the kale, shrimp and lemon juice, seasoning to taste. Warm up the carrots, plate up by placing the kale on the plate and the fish on top, arranging the remaining Kale, carrots and red-veined sorrel on the top. Spoon the butter and shrimp sauce over the top and serve.

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